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Acorn Superglide 140

Acorn Superglide 140 Occasionally it is not possible to use the standard ACORN Superglide stair lift. Perhaps this is because the stairs are exceptionally narrow, or because the users legs will not bend enough to allow them to sit down on the stairlift.

ACORN have especially developed the Perch model stair lift to overcome this problem.

The perch model is easily operated by the remote control system, or alternatively with the wanderlead control which can be positioned for your maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Manufacturer:  ACORN Stairlifts

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ACORN Superglide Outdoor Stair Lift

ACORN Superglide Outdoor Stair Lift The outdoor stair lift has all the safety and comfort features of the indoor model, but is designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use.

- All metallic components are either aluminum, or oil annealed or zinc plated before powder coating
- Plastic components are heat and UV resistant, protecting the stair lift from color fading and ambient heat damage
- Comes with a durable plastic cover to keep off leaves and snow

- Straight rail
- Quiet Operation
- Easy joystick operation
- Smooth start/stop action
- Swivel seat with locking catch
- Folding seat and footrest
- Electronic and mechanical braking systems
- Pressure sensitive safety surfaces prevent the lift from colliding with any object on the stairs
- Lifetime warranty on the gearbox/motor assembly of the stair lift

Manufacturer:  ACORN Stairlifts

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