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Support Stockings

Dynamic Line Support Hose

Dynamic Line Support Hose Dynamic Line Product Features
Juzo Dynamic Line offers durable, breathable and comfortable to wear compression stockings that can be worn for any occasion.
• Unsurpassed softness - model 2001 / 2002
• Cool, breathable fabrics
• Two way stretch to provide a natural freedom of movement
• Panty hose with compressive panty part
• Elastic heel portion for a fit without restriction
• Open toe (Optional closed toe on some models)
• Durable

Available Compressions
• 20-30mmHg
• 30-40mmHg
• 40-50mmHg

Manufacturer:  Juzo

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it stays

glue for hosiery

Manufacturer:  medi

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Juzo Silver

Juzo Silver Benefits of Silver

• Anti-Microbial - Silver inhibits the growth of infectious microbes.

• Anti-Odor - Silver ions bind with denatured protein and ammonia reducing unpleasant odors.

• Anti-Static - Silver has the highest electrical conductivity rating of any element, thus dissipating electrical charges and eliminating static cling.

• Surface Cooling - Silver is the most thermally conductive element, dissipating excess heat away from the garment and the body.

• All Natural - Silver is safe, natural and non toxic.

• Permanent - Silver is permanently bonded to the surface of the textile fiber. It will never wash out or wear off.

Manufacturer:  Juzo

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Mediven Assure 30-40 mmHg

Mediven Assure 30-40 mmHg Styles: Calf, Extra Wide Calf, Thigh with Silicone Top Band, Panty, Maternity Panty

Closed Toe

Colors: Beige, Black
* Some styles not available in all colors

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
*Some styles not available in all sizes

Manufacturer:  Medi USA

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Mediven Support Hose

Mediven Support Hose We carry a full line of Mediven support hose, stockings and socks

Manufacturer:  Mediven

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SeamLess™ OverSized Socks; White - M/L

SeamLess™ OverSized Socks; White - M/L Same features as Everyday Sock plus an extra-wide top that stretches comfortably over enlarged feet, ankles and calves (up to 20 inches in the calf area). Resilient fibers allow socks to return to original shape after laundering. White only. 96% cotton, 4% elastic. One pair.
Men's 7 - 9(1/2)
Women's 8 - 10(1/2)
Color: White


Manufacturer:  PediFix

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